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Who are we?

Are your products authentic?

Do you have a physical store?

Where are your products from?

When will you restock your sold out items?


How can I cancel my orders?

How can I edit my orders ?


What kind of Payment Method can I opt for?

I do not have an online banking account, can I manually bank in my payment?

Installment Plan

Can I use Debit Card for installment plan?

How do I know if my Credit Card can be use for Installment Plans?

I have Maybank / Public Bank Credit Card, how can I do Installment Plans directly at checkout page?

I'm using other Bank Credit Card , how do I proceed with Installment Plans?

Delivery Information

How much is the shipping fee?

How long do I have to wait for my orders?

How do I track my orders?

Return / Refund Policy

What are your Return / Refund Policy ?

How do I return?

Service Warranty / Repair

What is Service Warranty?

How long is the validity of the Service Warranty?

How long it take?

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